Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sierra climbing 5.7

Sierra trying a go at the 5.7 climb named Maudlin in Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, UT.  She cruised the 5.5 section.  We forgot her helmet this day but normally she wears it anytime she climbs.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Touchstone Wall

Touchstone Wall, IV/V 5.10 C1, Cerberus Gendarme, Zion National Park, Utah

I finally got around to knocking another route off my ToDo list and did Touchstone over the weekend.  My first time back to climb since doing Moonlight Buttress. Zion walls were quite for us, and despite seeing a backpack and climbing shoes at the base of Touchstone, we didn't see a single person on any of the trade routes all weekend.  The weather called for a 25% chance of thunderstorms/rain showers so I'm sure many people were deterred but the weatherman lied.  Perfect weather all weekend.
After working nights all week, I got off of a 14hr shift at 7am and did the 4.5hr drive from SLC to Zion, racked up, and headed to the shuttle.  By 1:30pm we were walking from Big Bend shuttle stop over to the base of the route.  We fixed P1-3 on Friday and fired to the top on Saturday with enough time to drive back to SLC later in the afternoon.  I'm spent but here are some pictures.  More pictures to come later.